MOVING VIEWPORTS results in labels and dimensions to move

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MOVING VIEWPORTS results in labels and dimensions to move

Post by Mustang » Thu Apr 07, 2011 1:24 am

Within an Arrangement Drawing, ShipConstructor 2011, I have several Viewports, all Labelled and Dimensioned. When a Viewport is moved (doing this by selecting all associated elements of that Viewport, and using MOVE command) the labels and dimensions for that Viewport will move away from the drawing, and also Labels and Dims associated with other Viewports will do this too.

This is a very frustrated problem, as you must re-lable and re-dimension the drawing again.

With a search on the Knowledge Base to find a solution for a problem, I only came accross this Issue below. I haven't been able to find a VALID 'Workaround', therefore maybe someone here could help.

Production - Assembly / Arrangement / Spool - Labels - Viewport with labels when selected and moved into the drawing would move the labels away from the drawing - IssueID 11610
In assembly drawing when viewport(s) are moved into the drawing or somewhere outside the drawing would move all the labels away from the drawing. may be like twice the distance.
Running MOVE on the viewport alone will properly move the viewport and all its labels. Running MOVE on the viewport and any of its labels should behave the same way.
Incidentally, click-dragging a viewport moves only the viewport itself, and leaves its labels behind.

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