ShipConstructor "versus" Inventor

Topics related to creation of the Pipe, HVAC, Equipment, and Penetrations model in ShipConstructor including catalog definition, part definition and spooling.
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ShipConstructor "versus" Inventor

Post by ndar » Wed Oct 28, 2009 5:38 am

Several ShipConstructor users also have Inventor, which is exploited in the modelling and production of certain "smaller" structural or integrated assemblies (grids, ladders, pump units, etc.)

However, in some camps Inventor is still pitched as being an appropriate software system when it comes to modelling entire distributed systems for yachts and ships.

Personally I see prominent drawbacks :

- no integration in the Inventor model
- no integration in the ShipConstructor based product model
- no materials library
- no management of spools
- etc.

I would be grateful for anyone's informed point of view on the subject, please, to help me best advise those requesting such information.

Thank you.

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