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Adding bevels to curved surfaces

Posted: Tue May 14, 2013 8:29 am
by bms_mmd
Unfortunately it is not possible to add bevels to the edges of curved (expanded) surfaces.
I often have many small surfaces and it would be very helpful if there were a quick workaround to add bevels.
(I need to add the standard bevels, adding just text is not helpful, because the bevel-information is used by the nesting-software and the cutting machine.)

What I currently do is the following:
- Copying the expanded part
- Explode it
- Build a new part (flat) from the outer contour
- Add marking lines…
- Add bevels

How do you deal with this deficit? Do you have another, simpler idea?
Or does the development team take the opportunity to develop such this possibility?
If it is too difficult, these bevels need not necessarily to be shown in the 3D-model...