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Why Purchase ShipConstructor?

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2013 7:50 am
by tmartin125
I work for a small naval architecture company that is considering upgrading to a 3D modeling software. Its a big decision for a small company to overhaul its modeling software and the decision is not being taken lightly. Our company has used 2D AutoCad for many years with success with longtime customers who in the end only need a 2D detail design product. In addition, much of our work involves existing vessel modifications including repowerings. Consequently, our customers will not be willing to spend extra money in order to get a 3D model. Therefore our cost benefit must come directly from the 3D modeling software's ability to reduce drafting time, rework, center of gravity calculations, etc.

How can ShipConstructor reduce my company's costs when compared to 2D modeling including for existing vessel modifications? What advantages does ShipConstructor hold over AutoDesk Factory Design Suite for Shipbuilding?