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Topics related to administration and usage of a project partitioned using ShipConstructor Project Split and Merge
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Slit & Merge Forum RENAMED WorkShare

Post by SSI Mark Waldie » Fri Sep 27, 2013 10:20 am

This forum has been renamed from Split & Merge to WorkShare.

The Split & Merge product is now called WorkShare Project and it is part of the WorkShare License.

A WorkShare License provides access to a suite of tools & products to facilitate collaboration and the reuse of existing work. Capabilities include the ability to reuse targeted portions of existing 3D models, the ability to reuse entire blocks or systems along with the associated assembly information and production drawings, and the ability to implement distributed design of an entire project.

Products currently inlcuded in a WorkShare License (as of September 27, 2013):

1. WorkShare Project allows work on a single ShipConstructor project model at multiple locations. This is accomplished by using technology to merge distributed design back into a single 3D project model.

2. WorkShare Design allows portions of a 3D project model, including assembly sequence, related production drawings and the underlying design intent to be captured and reused in another ShipConstructor project.
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