XML Libraries from other solutions

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XML Libraries from other solutions

Post by Fernando_BRA » Thu Mar 14, 2013 3:58 am


Are there some paper or document where we can study about how to re-organize tables in an generic excel file exported from other CAM Solutions whose content can be any stock catalogue (Pipe , Equipment, HVAC, Structure, etc.) in order to import them to the catalogues of the SC Manager ?

In my view, the process to integrate an existent library in a Company which is deploying the ShipConstructor, which already has been used other CAM Software(with a large content of stocks), can bring some benefits if it has an acceptable "level" of difficulty to re-organize tables in other to export the Excell as XML files to import by SC Manager, however I do not have idea of this level regarding CAM Solution A, B or C due the several organizations in their tables. What can change the things be or not be harder than to create the libraries from the Zero Point.

Regards, Fernando Almeida

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