Plate Nest Report - missing functionality

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Plate Nest Report - missing functionality

Post by Carboex » Tue Jul 03, 2012 1:16 am

I'm trying to create a new Plate Nest report.
I have the following problems:
- The time estimate (time needed to cut the plate) is presented in seconds and can not be changed to hours:min:sec
- The section field: Remnant name is not presented. (this was also noted in this forum in 2008!). The nest remnant weight is presented as it should be, the remnant field stays empty.

In the Edit Section Grouping I want to have a summary field showing the total cutting time in relation to the group field.
It is not possible to select the required "Time Estimate" field.
Needless to say that the presentation has to be in hour:min as the total cutting time will most likely be several days for a bigger section.

In Edit Section Grouping:
Nest utilization: Does not work correctly. It adds up all Util % fields. This results in for example 1910% utilization. This result is rubish! (it's the same for the Nest scrap utilization, whatever that might be?)

In Edit Report dialog box:
- Add Field
The description of "Nest Weight" is misleading. This is not the weight of the plate. Please specify the description more accurate because it's easy to go wrong here!

When the field Plate stock size has the alignment set to the right, the last zero is cut off partly in the preview and makes it less easy to read.

SSI, feel free to contact me for the report definition (XML) and the resulting output in PDF.

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Re: Plate Nest Report - missing functionality

Post by ndar » Fri Jul 06, 2012 6:25 am

Hi Roel,
please indicate which version of SC you are using (I suppose it is sc 2012 r2.1, but need to be sure).
Also please send screen shots and XML export(s) of the report standard you have written and of the ensuing report, this will help the QA team track down the programmatic issues.
The above should be e-mailed to, and of course you may post it here as well.

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