Automatic Labeling or Manual Labeling

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Automatic Labeling or Manual Labeling

Post by kpennell » Tue Apr 19, 2011 6:13 am

I guess I'll just jump right in with my thoughts on this topic.

Automatic Labeling Issues
- "Relabel All" is not specific to the current layout. It will bring in labels for every layout that the viewport options set accordingly. Dangerous.
- Distributive lines I find not to be a solution to insert labels effectively/efficiently, believe me, I've tried.
- Any form of automatic labeling command causes labels to have to be repositioned, which is very time consuming. And the final position of arrow heads and bubbles always depend on what’s being detailed/labeled.

The effort to label a drawing these days is long, long, long.

So I'm a huge fan of manual labeling. I remember back in the SC2005 days, labeling an assembly drawing was a breeze, because of the "insert piece-mark" and "copy piece-mark" command. The "copy piece-mark" command was the key to efficiently (and correctly I might add) label the assembly drawing. Very little QC had to done if we knew that the user was proceeding with the command correctly. It was a great form of QA in my opinion. You QC the process and not the drawing.

So where is Ship Constructor going with their labeling efforts? They are still trying to figure out a way to develop code that will do a good job of labeling drawings. Based on requests from so many clients, who have so many needs, so many different processes. I think it's a goal that is not attainable enough for me to use.

I need manual label and copy to work to what I expect, I can guarantee that detailing an assembly as a whole will be reduced by 30 to 40 percent, 50 percent in larger scale BOM's, that our hands are tied to change the number of parts in the product hierarchy for a certain project.

Looking forward to the discussion on this. I don't want to delve to much discussion on SC's future plans that I mentioned earlier. I'm trying to make SC aware of the manual labeling commands that should be working correctly, and get it correct as soon as possible.


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